Benson Builders, Inc.

Doing business since 1991: Offering quality craftsmanship as a family business, individual attention to customers, navigating permit and business process, supporting local businesses, preservation of historical culture, and emphasizing the creativity customers want to express.

New Construction

We’ve done a wide range projects, from beautiful log homes, to retirement homes incorporating the ideas of homeowners, to homes close to the ski slopes of Summit County.

Remodels and Additions

Integrating an existing structure with an addition is a challenge that Benson Builders has mastered in many ways. We have several examples to show under Projects.


Creating a more family-friendly home is especially rewarding for the second homeowner. We enjoy making spaces more usable as families come together in the high country.


In snow country with ice and snow, and unexpected freezes comes the need for various repairs that arise. Integrating the repair with older construction is extremely important, and Benson Builders achieves a high level of finishing skill.

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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Benson Builders was founded by Mark Benson, Judy Benson, Dorothy Benson, and Herb Benson, incorporating in 1991. Jerry Benson joined the company in 1993. It continues to be a family company.

Benson Builders, Inc. has been building homes and doing various remodel jobs in Summit and Park Counties since their incorporation in 1991. Benson Builders prides itself on “quality craftsmanship” over quantity. We do as much “hands on” as possible, thus we only do one or two major projects a year. We believe in giving our customers complete on site service on their project until completion.

Years Established

Completed Projects